Sad! A Happy Evening with Stephen Colbert & Samantha Bee for Montclair Film at NJPAC
Credit: Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images for Monclair Film

When Samantha Bee, one of the only female hosts in late night, stated that women aren’t at all surprised by the number of sexual harassment and abuse stories coming forward, Stephen Colbert admitted, “I feel dumb.”

The Full Frontal host was this year’s guest at the annual fundraiser hosted by Colbert for the Montclair Film Festival, having worked with The Late Show host back when they were both on The Daily Show. The duo tackled the topic of the “tsunami of penises” and the volume and speed that sexual misconduct stories are being revealed.

“I didn’t know about Louis [C.K.],” said Colbert. “I didn’t even know about Cosby. And that’s dumb.”

Louis C.K. was originally scheduled to promote his film I Love You Daddy on The Late Show but pulled out just as the New York Times published a bombshell report with stories from multiple women about the comedian’s alleged sexual misconduct. According to Colbert, the host had plans to address the rumors.

“The way I was going to approach talking to him about this subject, which I knew he didn’t want to talk about, was people in the movie talk about rumors of sexual impropriety by one of the characters. At like minute 42, one of the characters says, ‘Can you separate the artist from the rumors about him?’ How would you answer that question? That was going to be my tack,” Colbert revealed.

The theatrical release of I Love You Daddy has since been canceled.