Billy Bush visited The Late Show on Monday to discuss his recent New York Times op-ed about the infamous 2005 Access Hollywood tape, and to call out President Trump for falsely claiming the tape isn’t real.

Asked by host Stephen Colbert about his decision to publish the op-ed and the timing, a visibly agitated Bush cited Trump’s denial of the tape (on which Trump can clearly be heard making vulgar comments about women). “He, last week, for some reason came out with, ‘That’s not my voice on the tape.’ Like I said, you can’t say that,” Bush said. “That is your voice, I was there, you were there, that’s your voice on the tape.”

(Despite Trump’s attempt to revise history, he apologized for his remarks shortly after the tape emerged.)

Bush’s visit marked his first late-night appearance since the tape surfaced and ultimately cost him his Today show job. He told Colbert he was offended by Trump’s denial on a personal level, and also on behalf of the women who have gone on the record to accuse Trump of sexual misconduct. (Trump has denied the allegations.)

“You’ve got 20 women … who used their names,” Bush said. “We’ve got powerful people being held accountable now, and sometimes there’s anonymous sources. All of these women came out with their names and told their detailed accounts. So when he said this, it infuriated me on the personal front, and then I ended up Googling and I read an article with all of these women’s accounts.”

Bush said he hadn’t read up on the allegations against Trump in the immediate aftermath of his own firing but eventually got up to speed: “As I read these, I said, ‘Twenty women don’t get together and say, ‘Hey, you know what would be really fun? Let’s take down a powerful guy together, ha ha.’ No they don’t.”

He added, “Enough’s enough — stop playing around with people’s lives! That upset me.”

Watch the video above for more. The Late Show airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. ET on CBS.

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