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Want scoop on your favorite shows? Then come hang out in the Spoiler Room, where I attempt to satiate your need to find out what’s coming up on TV. If you want spoilers on a specific show, send Qs to my Twitter: @NatalieAbrams.

Are the Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. actually in space or just another Framework? — Marcus
I can confirm that Team S.H.I.E.L.D. is definitely in space, but the Framework will come back into play in a very surprising (and revealing) way soon.

SVU scoop? — Stacey
If you’ve been wondering when the other shoe will drop with Brooke Shields’ Shiela Porter, you won’t have to wait much longer. SVU will head into the hiatus with a “huge cliffhanger with Sheila,” per EP Michael Chernuchin. “Something dreadful happens to Noah. Put it this way: The run ends with Olivia and Sheila in a cabin alone.”

Any McDanno news for Hawaii Five-0? — Bryn
When Danny’s life is in danger in the upcoming holiday episode, he hallucinates the future for the entire team. Hence, we’ll actually get to see Danny and McGarrett as old men — and they’ll still be arguing, of course! The hour will also reveal who will apparently take over Five-0 once McGarrett retires. Check out an exclusive first look:

Credit: CBS
Credit: CBS

Anything you can tease about what Roman wants with Blake on Blindspot? — Brianna
It may not seem like it yet, but his storyline is very directly connected to what the team is hunting down — it just might not go exactly to plan, as we’ll discover over the next four episodes or so. “That’s a huge part of the story this year, Roman and his relationship with Blake,” EP Martin Gero says. “What’s really fun is we are following the bad guy’s story in parallel to the good guy’s story. We are working one part of the problem that he’s given us with the tattoos. He’s got a goal that we’re driving toward, but now we get to see he’s also working the problem in a very different way, and part of that is this relationship, he hopes, with Blake. You’re going to see a lot more of Roman and Blake this year. That arc is one of my favorite things on the show this year, because he begins trying to manipulate her and con her, essentially, but I think he really gets caught up with her. She’s a pretty amazing woman, so that’s a source of tension as well for him this year.”

Please find out if Wentworth Miller has any role in the upcoming animated Freedom Fighters series. I think a lot of us would love to see [Leo and The Ray’s] love carry over! — Rusty
No official word yet on whether Wentworth Miller, or even Jeremy Jordan (a.k.a Freedom Fighter General Schott), will lend their voices to the animated series — at least not in the first six episodes, anyway. Rumor has it the show is still figuring out the continuity of The Ray’s timeline given Melissa Benoist is slated to voice Overgirl, even though the character died in the crossover.

I’d like anything Jaggie for Grey’s Anatomy. — Micah
Though Maggie and Jackson were interrupted in the winter finale before they could actually have “The Talk,” we will get to see it soon. “They’re going to have that conversation within the next few episodes,” EP Krista Vernoff confirms. “It’ll be after the winter break, so people will have to hold out a little longer.”

Anything Blacklist? — Brian
After being in a coma for 10 months, Liz Keen will be suffering some physical and emotional deficits when the show returns. “We do lean into that,” EP Jon Bokenkamp says. “We will be telling stories around exactly that subject, like how does she heal? How does she emotionally heal? How does she want to confront Tom’s death? Can she confront it? So yes, there will be fallout from what has happened to her.”

Any scoop for Alice and Hook on Once Upon a Time? — Davey
Though their Hyperion Heights counterparts, Tilly and Rogers, are so far none the wiser about the true nature of their relationship, it sounds like they’ll discover the truth soon, which is especially good news for Hook. “I think there [will be] a huge amount of relief,” Colin O’Donoghue tells me. “Rogers has been searching and not really knowing why. It’ll be a massive weight off his shoulders. He loves Alice so much!”

I can’t get enough of Marvel’s Runaways! Any scoop is welcome. — Carlton
The next hour is a huge one in terms of reveals, particularly when it comes to that Gross Flaky Guy. “That character is going to connect us to the larger mythology that you find in the books,” teases executive producer Josh Schwartz. Possibly related: At least two characters will fulfill their comic book destiny very soon in a scene that looks straight out of the source material.

Do you have any Laurel spoilers for How to Get Away with Murder? — Dinah
If you’re like me, you may be bothered by the little detail that we still don’t know who actually called Laurel, thus prompting her to show up to the party. Sadly, we’ll have to wait a bit longer for that info. “There was a version where you were going to see that [in the winter finale],” executive producer Pete Nowalk tells me. “But we’re going to find that out in the next episode.”

This week in TV: Crisis on Earth-X was The CW’s best crossover yet, but this hit me right in the feels.

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