'Let me know when you get some Christian values,' Kimmel jabbed
Credit: Sam Morris/Getty Images; Scott Olson/Getty Images

Jimmy Kimmel and controversial Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore sparred over Twitter on Thursday after Tony Barbieri, a comedian who appears on Jimmy Kimmel Live, crashed a church service where Moore was speaking.

“.@jimmykimmel If you want to mock our Christian values, come down here to Alabama and do it man to man,” Moore, 70, tweeted at the late-night personality. Kimmel, 50, promptly responded, “Sounds great Roy – let me know when you get some Christian values and I’ll be there!”

After Moore said he would save Kimmel a seat “on the front pew,” Kimmel fired back, “OK Roy, but I’m leaving my daughters at home! P.S. — wear that cute little leather vest.”

Barbieri had appeared as Jake Byrd, his persona on Kimmel, at the Magnolia Springs Baptist Church in Theodore, Alabama. As caught on video by attendees, Barbieri sported a “Gimme Moore” sweatshirt and carried a pro-Moore sign. He then proceeded to heckle Moore by shouting lines like, “That’s a man’s man,” and, “Does that look like the face of a molester?”

Moore has been accused by multiple women of engaging in sexual misconduct with teenagers when he was in his 30s, while others accused the Alabama judge of sexual assault. Moore responded to the allegations by calling them “false and misleading.” He also asserted that he “dated a lot of young ladies” but doesn’t “remember ever dating any girl without the permission of her mother.”

When Barbieri was being carted away, he exclaimed, “They’re kicking out your number one fan, judge. I’m your number one fan, judge — number one — because I believe in the judge and I don’t believe the ladies who are… does that look like the face of someone who hits on teenage girls?”

See video from AL.com below.

Kimmel, who tweeted the article on the incident from AL.com, isn’t the only late-night personality who’s taken issue with Moore, who hasn’t dropped out of the senatorial race.

“Using Jesus to justify child molestation? Even the Catholics went, ‘Tried it, doesn’t work,'” Bill Maher joked on HBO’s Real Time. On Full Frontal, host Samantha Bee said, “Republicans have to ask themselves a tough question: Which is worse, electing an alleged pedophile or a Democrat?”

Stephen Colbert called Moore’s alleged behavior “so heinous that it defies my ability to describe it, but I’ll try: illegal.”

The special election, in which Moore is opposing Democrat Doug Jones for the seat vacated by Jeff Sessions when he became Attorney General earlier this year, will take place Dec. 12.