By Dalton Ross
November 29, 2017 at 03:52 PM EST
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On Dec. 20, a new Survivor champion will be crowned. Whomever it may be — Devon? Lauren? Cole coming back into the game off the jury in the biggest twist of all time?!? — that person will join the 33 other winners over 34 seasons (Sandra Diaz-Twine won twice).

But who is the best of the best? Is it the man who started it all, Richard Hatch? Or is it the woman who combined social, strategic, and physical mastery, Parvati Shallow? Is it someone who dominated her first time out in Kim Spradlin, or someone for whom the fourth time was the charm in Boston Rob?

It is time to settle this time-honored debate for once and for all. And you have the power to settle it through a fan vote that will rank all 34 individual season winners. That means you are not only ranking the most impressive Survivor winners ever, you are also ranking the least impressive champs. Just click on the survey link below to get started. But first, a few clarifications and instructions.

You should be voting for how that player played only during the season he or she won. That means Tyson Apostol essentially voting himself out of Heroes vs. Villains should have no bearing on how he did while winning Blood vs. Water. (Same thing for J.T.’s love letter to Russell.) Everyone should be graded only on how they did in that particular season — meaning Sandra Diaz-Twine should not necessarily get extra credit for winning twice (unless you want to factor in having to overcome being a target as a winner her second time out for that season) and should not have points deducted for an early exit her third time out.

Here’s how to vote. Just fill out our handy-dandy survey at the bottom of the post (or click on the link if the survey does not automatically appear for you). There, you will find we have all 34 winners listed in chronological order. All you have to do is reorder them from best to worst. For mobile, put the appropriate ranking number — with 1 being best and 34 being worst — next to each name. For desktop, just drag and drop each name to where you want to place them in your rankings. When finished, just make sure to click on the “Done” button to register your vote, and please make sure to rank all 34 season winners.

Vote early! Vote often! (Yes, repeat voting is permitted.) And once the results are tabulated, we will give you the final rankings as chosen by you, the Survivor fan community. (Meaning this is one Survivor ranking you can’t send me hate mail over if you don’t like the results. Lucky me!) Now click on the survey and get voting. Survivor fans ready… GO!

Click here for Survivor survey if you do not see it above

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