Kim Burgess surprised Chicago P.D. fans when she revealed that she’s got a new boyfriend, and audiences are going to meet him tonight. But what did Marina Squerciati think of Burgess getting a new love interest?

One Chicago Center spoke to Marina ahead of tonight’s Chicago P.D. season 5 episode, and she told us about working with the actor who plays Burgess’s other half, as well as Patrick John Flueger‘s playful reaction to the news, and if Burgess will get more scenes with her BFF Kevin Atwater.

While all we know about Matt Miller is that he’s an Assistant U.S. Attorney who’s about to cross paths with the Intelligence Unit professionally (which will put Kim in an awkward position!), Marina told us that actor Zach Appelman was great to work with.

“He was nice. We had a really good time, I really liked him,” she said. “We had to film our really important scene the first day, so we actually went out to dinner the night before to sort of get a rapport and get to know each other, so we didn’t have to be intimate the first time we saw each other.

“They have been dating a while,” she said of the relationship between Burgess and Matt. “There’s a nervous energy to them that’s sweet.”

Many Chicago P.D. fans are still hoping that Burgess finds her way back to ex-fiancee Adam Ruzek, especially since the two of them shared a kiss last season. Marina shared a hilarious story of how Patrick John Flueger was jokingly upset that Burgess was dating someone new.

“It’s funny. [Patrick] was super jealous and was like who is this guy, I don’t like him,” she laughed. “And then he opened the trailer door to hair and makeup and Zach Appelman was right there. And [he] was like sorry man, you’re cool, I didn’t mean to!”

There’s a lot more going on for Kim Burgess in Chicago P.D. season 5 than just who she’s dating, though. It’s her first full season in the Intelligence Unit, and Marina said that Burgess is continuing to evolve the more time she spends upstairs.

“Someone asked me if I would be as nice as Kim on the streets if I was a cop, and I was like I hope so,” she reflected. “I just feel like in general, any job kind of wears you down, even in sales. I worked sales in high school and it’s hard to be nice to everyone, every day. So when you encounter someone in any job and they’re kind, it’s such a nice and refreshing thing.

“I hope I retain some of that kindness and loveliness, but I definitely think some of it has worn away just as it naturally wears away on a job.”

Burgess’s big heart has still been on display this season, particularly in her interactions with her former partner Kevin Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins), as he had to deal with drama surrounding his brother in “Snitch.” Burgess and Atwater had great scenes in that episode, so we asked if we can expect more between Marina Squerciati and LaRoyce Hawkins later this season.

“I hope so,” she said. “My friend Kelly texted me and was like I want you and Atwater to get together, and I was like oh my God, no, he’s like my brother! But I would love to work with him more.”

What else would she like to see Kim Burgess do before Chicago P.D. season 5 ends?

“I honestly think that I would like to go undercover,” she told us. “I just feel you’re tested in a way, like Jesse [Lee Soffer]’s about to be tested in an incredible way. I feel like sublimating who you are and having to make decisions that you wouldn’t really make? I feel like that would be a great thing for Burgess.”

“I like that I’m often given humor as well,” Marina added, saying another thing she appreciates is the variety of storylines since Burgess has joined Intelligence. “I think it’s great to be able to flex your muscles and have an episode where you have to protect your sister and delve into that primal instinct of your family, and having another where you’re like okay, now I challenge my boss.

“No two episodes have been the same,” she concluded, “and so it’s constantly keeping me on edge.”

Meet Kim Burgess’s boyfriend in tonight’s new episode of Chicago P.D. What do you think of Burgess getting a new love interest? Let us know in the comments.

Chicago P.D. airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on NBC.

—By Brittany Frederick for FanSided’s One Chicago Center

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