And teases him about 'Harry Potter' in the process …
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Peace has returned to the Federation.

After a tense two-day social media cold war, William Shatner has unblocked Jason Isaacs on Twitter. The Star Trek captain stand-off concluded Tuesday evening with a ceremonial unblocking followed by playful banter:

Referring, of course, to Issacs’ role as Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter franchise.

Shatner never publicly said why he blocked the Star Trek: Discovery star in the first place, but we’re pretty sure it had something to do with an interview that arguably mischaracterized Isaacs as saying he would never want Shatner to be a guest star on the new series.

“Kirk doesn’t come along for 10 years and when we meet him, he’s 26, so it would be a weird timeline if [Issacs’ character met Kirk],” Isaacs reportedly said in a U.K. tabloid story headlined “Jason Isaacs hopes William Shatner won’t appear in Star Trek: Discovery.”

He added, “Someone asked which cast members from the existing series would you like to guest star. I think people watch good drama shows and they completely suspend their disbelief, they feel like they’re looking through the keyhole at another world, if you do it well enough. If you have stunt celebrity cameo casting, it completely pulls them out of it. They feel like they’re watching a Saturday Night Live sketch. So I just hope people believe our stories, are engaged with them, and I’m happy to meet Will Shatner in real life in a restaurant.”

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