By Josh Glicksman
November 28, 2017 at 02:28 PM EST

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Bingeworthy hosts Jessica Shaw and Touré reviewed the recently released Netflix series Marvel’s The Punisher, and both of them were pleasantly surprised by how much they liked the show.

“I don’t always go for the superhero shows, but something about this just grabbed me in and I was digging it,” said Touré. “Moments of extreme violence I would forward ahead just to see until we get to where somebody’s head gets knocked off and blood goes spurting – I don’t always look for that, but there was something about the stylization of this and the energy of this that was like, ‘yeah, I want to see him knock somebody’s head off.’”

Shaw, who admitted to be worn down by the surplus of Netflix Marvel shows, also praised the show. She specifically cited how her low expectations before watching the show may have positively contributed to her perception of it. “In some ways because the expectations were nonexistent, they were able just to deliver a solid show and have people really like it, as opposed to something that we’ve seen over and over again on TV where there’s so much anticipation for something and there’s no way you can achieve the greatness that people are expecting,” she said.

Still, it was star Jon Bernthal who made the show for her. “I love watching him — he has so much anger and angst in him,” she said. “It’s amazing because he’s a pretty stoic guy, but I just couldn’t get enough of this.”

Marvel’s The Punisher is now available for streaming, exclusively on Netflix.

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