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‘Tis the season many of our favorite shows go on hiatus, leaving us with an empty DVR and ample time for a binge. Thankfully, the hosts of Bingeworthy, Jessica Shaw and Touré, understand that the struggle is real and, inspired by Netflix’s new take on Spike Lee’s 1986 film She’s Gotta Have It, are sharing their favorite movie-to-TV adaptations.

Shaw expressed her love for the 1989 movie Parenthood, and went on to say that Jason Katims’ 2010 TV adaptation is “one his best works.” “It was so beautiful and different enough from the movie while still honoring the movie,” she said. “I love that show.”

She also compared the Parenthood series to This Is Us because the characters “give you the feels and make you cry,” but the latter doesn’t quite hit the spot like Katims’ successful drama adaptation, which aired on NBC for six seasons.

Touré chose HBO’s Westworld as his favorite movie-to-TV adaptation, despite the fact that he initially “was not aware there was a film.” The original movie Westworld, written by Michael Crichton, premiered in 1973.

“It’s such an amazing, beautiful, complicated show,” raved Touré of the hit HBO series. “Western and the sci-fi all mixed in together — I loved it.”

Watch the clip above.

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