Cole says the sex doctor showed his real and fake idol before the vote, and sheds light on other things not seen on the show
SURVIVOR: Island of the Idols

Mike made a big scene at the last Tribal Council on Survivor: Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers, accusing the majority of having no moral character for keeping Joe in the game, and playing his hidden immunity idol even though he didn’t need it. But according to the person who was voted out, Cole Medders, there was even more that we did not see on the show, and he spilled the beans when he called into EW Morning Live (Entertainment Weekly Radio, SiriusXM, channel 105) to discuss his time on the island.

“It wasn’t shown, but Mike pulled out his idol before the votes happened and put it around his neck,” reveals Cole. “And he also had a fake idol at Tribal Council that he put around Joe’s neck.” That’s right, it seems the Sex Doctor also has a flair for the dramatic and had continued to collect materials for his fake idol, including a real idol note.

“He had been collecting tassels off the tribe flags and had created a fake idol and kept the write-up for Joe’s past idol that he had played and wrapped it up in that to make it look like a legit idol,” says Cole. “It looked real. It definitely convinced everyone, I think. Once they put those two idols around their necks, that’s when everyone went, ‘Okay, guys. The plan is still the same: vote out Cole.”

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That’s not the only Tribal Council-related drama that did not make it to air. Cole also shares that there was massive confusion back at camp after Lauren played her advantage when Desi went home — leading to one less vote being read by Jeff Probst. That confusion ended up costing Cole.

“When we got back from Tribal Council — and I’m really surprised they didn’t show this on the show — there was a massive discussion and argument when we got back from Tribal Council because of Lauren’s advantage that she did not vote,” he says. “So I had decided to finally flip on that vote — not that it really made a difference — but I had decided to vote for Joe first and then Desi second. But then that first vote for Joe that I put out there, no one believed me that I flipped or voted for Joe, because the rest of them were in the same boat. Only Ben and Lauren knew about that advantage. So they all thought that my vote for Joe was Lauren’s vote for Joe, and so they all said, ‘Oh, Cole’s just lying. Nothing new. He’s just trying to weasel his way in here.’ It just made me look worse on the other side of it.”

It seems everybody assumed that there was an extra vote that Probst simply did not read — even though all votes are always read in a tie and the host even said “One vote left” before reading the last one. “It’s really odd that people didn’t read into that a little more,” says Cole now. “Maybe we were just all tired and starving but everyone just assumed he didn’t read all the votes and that the last vote was for someone other than Desi or Joe. So there were a few people who were skeptical that somebody inside that seven flipped and voted for one of their own.”

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