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Credit: DC Comics/Warner Bros. Entertainment

The Warner Bros./DC rumor du jour is that Joss Whedon has been quietly dumped from writing and directing the upcoming Batgirl movie.

In the wake of the somewhat critical reviews and middling box office performance of Justice League (which Whedon co-wrote and managed its directorial reshoots) one can understand why such an idea might gain online traction.

Whedon recently made headlines by favoriting a tweet slamming Justice League‘s villain Steppenwolf, which suggests his feelings about the project must be interesting.

But sources close to the Batgirl production say that The Avengers director is currently at work on the script and remains attached to direct as well. Of course, things could change — top talents get replaced on projects all the time. But as of now, as Dr. Horrible might say, the status is quo.

The untitled Batgirl movie is based on the Batgirl story that was first unveiled in DC Comics in 1967. One has to expect there was some new optimism about the project after the breakout success of Wonder Woman. Whedon was among those who pioneered strong female characters in Hollywood with Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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