Chance the Rapper and Eminem weren’t the only rappers who appeared this week on Saturday Night Live.

Common and Questlove cameoed in one of the evening’s later sketches, which was about hip-hop artists complaining about how a buzzy new Soundcloud rapper named Lil Doo Doo (Pete Davidson) didn’t have an appreciation for old-school hip-hop. Lil Doo Doo lists Nick Cannon and Soulja Boy as his idols but has no idea who Run DMC is. However, Common and Questlove weren’t the only angry rappers who had a beef with this ignorant up-and-comer.

Enter the Soul Crush Crew, a faux cheesy ’70s hip-hop group comprised of Kool Kenny Blade (Chance the Rapper), Chief Bronco (Chris Redd), and DJ Grand Wizard Karate (Kenan Thompson). However, their relationship with hip-hop was almost as tenuous as Lil Doo Doo.

“They the only rappers I know that are pro-crack,” said Common in one of the sketch’s funniest moments.

Watch the sketch above.

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