Saturday Night Live - Season 42

Pete Davidson joked during Saturday Night Live that he hoped his hometown Staten Island will “fall into the sea” during a hilarious Weekend Update segment opposite fellow Staten Island native Colin Jost.

“I feel like my hometown doesn’t really like me,” Davidson said, before comparing how local media covers him and Jost, who is also from the New York City borough.

“You’re the most popular person from there. This is how they write about Colin in our hometown newspaper, the Staten Island Advance: ‘Colin Jost tees up — it’s about three weeks until the election, but you could never tell by Colin Jost’s swing,'” Davidson said. “Here’s how they write about me. This is a review of a Weekend Update appearance I did. ‘The best part of this one was his interaction with Colin Jost.'”

Asked by Jost why Staten Island had turned on Davidson, the comic said he had no idea. He then added, “If I had to guess, it’s maybe something I said in an interview once, that I wished when Hurricane Sandy had hit Staten Island, it had finished the job.”

“Maybe I did cross the line,” Davidson said. “But when a reporter from Staten Island wrote about it in the New York Post, here’s what he said: ‘Keep talking like that and you’ll be sleeping with the fishes.’ That’s a death threat! In a newspaper! Who does that? What are you, the Zodiac?”

In an interview with Uproxx last year, Davidson slammed Staten Island and made a comment about its population being washed away by a “tidal wave.”

“They all suck,” he said. “They have nothing to do with me or my success. It’s a terrible borough, filled with terrible people. A f—ing tidal Wave could take out Staten Island and I wouldn’t even move in my sleep. In fact, I would sleep better. F— Staten Island. A bunch of Trump-supporting f—ing jerk offs. F— them. End quote.”

Addressing the comments on Saturday, Davidson said, “It was just a joke. A serious joke. Like when you’re joking but you mean it? I don’t even feel that way anymore. I would be just as happy if there were no hurricane and Staten Island just fell into the sea. If Staten Island is so desirable, then why is it free to get there? Don’t get me wrong, I know Staten Island isn’t all heroin and racist cops. It also has meth and racist firefighters.”

After Jost said that wasn’t necessarily his experience with Staten Island, Davidson explained, “They love you. You represent what they could be. You know, a kid who got out. He went to Harvard. And now, apparently, according to PEOPLE magazine, is the world’s sexiest joke writer. And look, the reason Staten Island hates me is cause I represent what they are: A mentally ill community college dropout who got a Game of Thrones tattoo before watching the show.”

Added Davidson as the crowd laughed, “Direwolves look dope. I don’t need to know what’s going on.”

Watch above.

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