Blindspot - Season 3
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Blindspot - Season 3

Warning: This story contains major spoilers from Friday’s episode of Blindspot. Read at your own risk!

Jane Doe’s secrets run so deep that even she doesn’t know them.

That was very evident in the closing moments of Friday’s episode of Blindspot when a contact from her old life left paperwork on her doorstep revealing that Jane (Jaimie Alexander) had a daughter that she gave up for adoption — one she doesn’t even remember! How will Jane handle this new truth? EW turned to executive producer Martin Gero to get the scoop.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Jane has a daughter! What?
MARTIN GERO: She had her memory erased, she doesn’t remember lots of things! She didn’t remember Roman until she met Roman, and then that triggered some memories. So you can expect the same thing here. She just didn’t remember, unfortunately. That’s something we deal with is how gut-wrenching that is for her to realize she doesn’t remember having a child. Patterson tries to comfort her in the next episode like, “You did have your memory erased. If anyone has an excuse for not remembering, it’s you.”

How is that going to affect Jane?
It’s going to be really tough for her to deal with. She’s going to run through the whole gamut of emotions that you can imagine having to deal with information like that. What she decides to do with that information is not as cut and dry as you would imagine. It’s a really hard thing to talk about, because obviously it’s not a lie: She does have a daughter, it’s a central part of our story this year. Also, watching her deal with it emotionally is a big part of the story this year, and how her and Weller cope with that information, and how they do it together and apart. It’s a big deal for us.

Was this always the plan to introduce a daughter for her?
We had always talked about it as early as season 1. When we were exploring what huge things would you not want to forget, this was obviously a huge one. What if she had a kid and she doesn’t remember? It was a story idea without a home for a long time. Then, when we started to break this season toward the end of season 2, we were like, “Oh yeah, this is the time to use this” for a lot of reasons that will become clear as we continue.

Is there anything you can say about where her daughter might be and if we’ll get to meet her?
You will get to meet her, absolutely. I can’t tell you where she is.

Who’s the father?
I’ll totally answer that question because, to be honest, it’s weirdly not a big part of the season this year. It was her high school sweetheart, essentially. She was really young. I think we’re saying she was 16 or 17 when it happened. The kid’s biological father does not play into the season this year.

How might this affect Jane and Weller’s relationship?
Initially, I think it brings them closer together in a way because he’s there for her. That’s why you’re in a relationship is to have someone there to weather a storm with you, to support you when you’re going through a rough time. But it’s Blindspot, so it’s going to get a little complicated for them. It’ll get harder before it gets easier, but fear not, Jeller fans: It’ll all work out in the end.

Will finding out that Jane has a daughter bring up the discussion of kids between Jane and Weller?
That’s probably the safe thing to guess, but it won’t happen as soon as you think.

Roman has been very international, but when might he come home and actually face Jane?
Roman is definitely going to keep calling her, they’ll keep having their phone calls, but that’s the safest way for him to do it. Getting within arm’s distance of Weller or Jane right now would be incredibly dangerous for Roman. He’s going to be a presence on the show with them, but he’s going to keep an ocean’s length.

Someone with high-level access is staying one step ahead of the team. Is there another mole within?
I think there’s definitely somebody within the FBI that is up to no good or has their own nefarious plan about how to mitigate the damage the tattoo is looking to cause. That’s a story we will wrap up in the next four episodes. The great thing about being a Blindspot fan, if I could just say, is that unlike some shows, when we give you these big juicy cliffhangers, you’re not going to get information parsed out over the next season. A lot of this stuff is going to become clear to you guys in the next three or four episodes.

Zapata now suspects Reade. What will that do to their friendship?
She suspects him, but doesn’t want to. That’s kind of a beautiful thing. Reade has some secrets. Zapata certainly has some secrets. It’s going to challenge their relationship this year, absolutely.

Will investigating this tattoo put Patterson and Zapata in danger?
Absolutely. I mean, Stuart is dead ostensibly for what he figured out from that tattoo. Our team is trying very hard to figure out what Stuart knew. If that information got him killed, it’s safe to say they’re in mortal danger going down this path.

Blindspot airs Fridays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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