The show's creator was suspended after sexual harassments by former 'One Tree Hill' cast, crew

By Derek Lawrence
November 16, 2017 at 07:22 AM EST
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Alexandra Park, who stars on the E! series The Royals, is speaking out against “unacceptable, harmful leadership” following creator Mark Schwahn’s suspension from the show while Lionsgate Television and the cable network investigate sexual harassment claims from his former One Tree Hill cast and crew.

In an open letter released Monday, the One Tree Hill creator was accused of sexual harassment and physical and emotional manipulation by 18 female cast and crew members who worked on the WB/CW drama, including stars Sophia Bush and Hilarie Burton. On Wednesday, Schwahn was suspended from his current series, The Royals. Park, who plays Princess Eleanor, joined those supporting the women who came forward, while also claiming she has been “exposed to this reprehensible behavior.”

“I have a responsibility as someone who was working under Mark Schwahn on The Royals to acknowledge these claims,” she wrote on Twitter. “I am devastated to admit to myself, to my colleagues and to this industry that I too, have been exposed to this reprehensible behavior. In the past, people were afraid to come forward in these situations because they were terrified of losing an opportunity so hard to come by, an opportunity that meant so much to them. I am proud and grateful that today, we can take a different path. One that encourages us to stand up to unacceptable, harmful leadership, in faith that that leadership will be removed and replaced. In faith that we will not be penalized for one person’s ill behavior.

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Park further thanked the studio and network for listening to her and “taking the actions necessary to make things right.” She concluded by expressing her hope that The Royals, which has completed filming on its fourth season, will continue, allowing them to “set an example that I believe will lead to a ‘new normal,’ the result that we, as people in this industry and every industry are so desperately trying to achieve.”

Reps for Schwahn and Park have not yet replied to EW’s request for comment on the allegations.

Read the full statement below.

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