How does Huckabee's Twitter jokes hold up as stand-up comedy?

By Nick Romano
November 16, 2017 at 08:08 AM EST
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There are awkward dad jokes, and then there are awkward Mike Huckabee jokes.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ old man got the stand-up comedy treatment when Patton Oswalt used the pundit’s Twitter jokes for an open mic session on Jimmy Kimmel Live in March. Now, the comedian is back with even more ammunition.

“It is great to be here. I love public events,” Oswalt began. “Speaking of public events,” he continued, this time quoting a Huckabee tweet, “I was at a public event and people started ‘taking a knee.’ I was going to walk out in protest, but my wife told me it was okay — we were at church.”

The stand-up became more cringing to watch when Oswalt trudged through other jokes like, “You’ve heard the latest from Holly-weird? ‘Yesterday’s Harvey Weinstein: Toast of the Town! Today’s Harvey Weinstein: TOAST.'”

Again, these are based on actual tweets.

With the newly installed 280 character limit on Twitter, Huckabee’s tweets and Oswalt’s stand-up became more winded.

“I got 280 so strap in,” Oswalt said before quoting, “Will be on w/ @MariaBartiromo at 10amET on @FoxNews to discuss the 33k deleted Hillary emails I found on thumb drive in a box of Fruit Loops left in a vacation cottage previously rented by James Comey. #cerealkiller.”

Watch the stand-up in the clip above.

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