The Netflix series returns on Nov. 24
Credit: Duncan de Young/Netflix

Jason Momoa is out of the water and back on the frontier.

A week after starring in Justice League, the Game of Thrones alum will return to Netflix with season 2 of Frontier. In the exclusive trailer above, Momoa’s Declan Harp is wounded and on the run.

“Am I going to hell?” he asks in the opening moments.

After he managed to slip through the hangman’s noose, Harp’s whereabouts and fate is unknown to his allies and enemies, leading to a dead-or-alive bounty being placed on his head.

Set in Canada during the 18th century, the series goes inside the ruthless and violent fur trade industry. Season 2 of Frontier will be released on Nov. 24 on Netflix.

Watch the trailer above.

Frontier (TV Show)
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