Find out why Bon Jovi sent Pink his pants
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Let’s raise our glass to Pink‘s Carpool Karaoke segment with James Corden on Tuesday night because it was so wrong in all the right ways.

The Beautiful Trauma superstar joined the host of The Late Late Show to run down some of her hits — “What About Us,” “Get This Party Started,” “Beautiful Trauma,” and “Raise Your Glass” — and share stories about the first song she ever wrote and why Jon Bon Jovi mailed her his pants.

Pink recalled how “devastated” she was when, coming home from singing lessons at 19 years old, she heard over the radio that the “Livin’ on a Prayer” heartthrob married his high school sweetheart, Dorothea Hurley. “It was the first time someone ever broke my heart,” she said, remembering how she ripped his posters off her wall in grief.

Years later, after Bon Jovi found out about this story, he sent her a “life size” bouquet of flowers, a pair of leather pants, and a note that read, “Now you can finally get into my pants.” Pink’s husband, Cary Hart, “threw them out the window,” the singer said. “It wasn’t weird, it was a joke. I thought it was funny.” He didn’t, apparently.

Elsewhere, Pink recalled her time being “the hook girl” for a rap group called Scratch and Smooth, for which she wrote her first lyrics on a song called “Generation X.” She also told Corden about that time she opened for *NSYNC on tour and had a “friendly” date to Friendly’s with Joey Fatone. “We were in the friend zone,” she said, though Corden wasn’t buying it. “I think he thought he was making it to the end zone,” he joked.

The final stop on the karaoke-fueled carpool was an upside down singing experiment. Pink was convinced people sang better upside down, so she belted a few lines of “Just a Pill” and “Get This Party Started” on an inversion therapy table, proving she’s a stellar performer no matter which direction she’s facing. Corden, meanwhile, couldn’t even hear properly.

Watch the karaoke excursion in the clip above.

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