Credit: Art Streiber

This much is true: Ed Helms will host a special titled The Fake News With Ted Nelms.

Comedy Central announced on Tuesday that the former Daily Show correspondent will return to the network next month to anchor a special that sends up information distrust, disinformation, fake news, and our current political landscape in general.

The Fake News With Ted Nelms, which premieres Dec. 13 at 10 p.m. ET/PT, is described as a special that “skewers the way news is delivered by emptying out the format and refilling it with insanity, silliness, and absolutely no factual content, throwing all its resources into the ongoing national crisis of President Trump getting stuck in an abandoned well.”

“Obviously there are a lot of news organizations out there just making up a bunch of crap and calling it news,” said Helms, who’s also a vet of The Office, in the network’s statement. “But unlike those others, we’re doing it better, faker, and stupider. And we’re joking.”

The news that this special was in the works broke earlier this year. The network has been taking direct shots at Trump — the man who claims to have invented the term “fake news” — with The President Show, which stars Anthony Atamanuik as the 45th “and final” POTUS as he hosts his own talk show. The President Show premiered in the spring.