The Oscar-winning actor teamed up with John Oliver's wax presidents for another fake trailer

John Oliver closed out the season finale of Last Week Tonight with some major star power: Tom Hanks and five ex-presidents.

Okay, the ex-presidents were wax.

In a callback to an episode that aired in July, Last Week Tonight concluded with a fake trailer featuring Hanks and the wax statue of Warren G. Harding that Oliver purchased following the closure of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania’s Hall of Presidents and First Ladies wax museum in late 2016.

“Sir, the world is in trouble. We need you. The fate of humanity itself is at stake. Will you help us, Mr. President?” Hanks says with grave intensity in the fake trailer. After the wax statue of Harding reveals itself, Hanks suggests that it “isn’t a one-man job.” Cue the other four statues Oliver previously purchased: Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and William Henry Harrison.

Adds Hanks after the hero moment: “Gentleman, let’s go wax these bastards.”

As Oliver explained this past summer, the five wax ex-presidents helped form “The Last Week Tonight Hall of Dubiously Lifelike Wax Commanders-in-Chief.” During that July episode, Oliver unveiled a fake trailer for a Harding biopic, starring Laura Linney, Anna Kendrick, James Cromwell, and Campbell Scott, among others.

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