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Every fan of Sabrina the Teenage Witch has their favorite episodes from the long-running TGIF/WB sitcom. So when EW reunited the cast at Stan Lee’s L.A. Comic Con, we wanted to know which episodes were their favorites to shoot.

On air for seven seasons, the actors had more than 150 episodes to choose from — the show debuted in 1996 on ABC’s TGIF lineup and spent four seasons on the network. When TGIF faded out, Sabrina went to college — and The WB — for three more seasons (adding characters like Soleil Moon Frye’s Roxie and Elisa Donovan’s Morgan).

Melissa Joan Hart’s favorite episode is titled “Pancake Madness,” the fifth episode of season 3. “I was addicted to pancakes and it was the first time I really got into some real physical comedy, just diving into trashcans and shoving my face with pancakes and just being over-the-top ridiculous fun.”

Beth Broderick, who portrayed Sabrina’s aunt Zelda, had a favorite from early in the run of the show, the sixth episode ever where the aunts made Sabrina a date out of magic dough.

Most of the cast preferred episodes where they and their characters got to do something outlandish as a result of magic. Nate Richert, who played Sabrina’s high school crush Harvey, reminisced about an episode called “Sabrina and the Beast” where he was transformed into a beast thanks to prosthetic teeth and a wig. “I got to jump around in the dumpster and throw stuff around and dance on a table,” he remembers.

For Nick Bakay, who voiced Sabrina’s cat Salem, it was all about the episodes where he got to show more of Salem’s depths outside of his role as comedic relief. “I remember there was some funny ones where we’d sort of touch on Salem’s love life, which was hilarious because there was a scene where he was trying to convince Kathy Ireland where he was a man,” he says. “Those are the ones I always loved. Whenever he sort of had his heart broken, those were the best ones. It showed the cat had a lot of heart.”

Watch the video above for more about the cast’s favorite episodes.

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