By Lynette Rice
November 12, 2017 at 08:05 PM EST

Something sounds and looks different!

To set a new tone for the final five episodes of Outlander, the producers debuted a new title sequence Sunday night that featured fresh instrumentals and previously unseen scenery (not to mention a pair of bloody feet).

“We talked about it early on and asked [composer] Bear McCreary about what he thought. He thought it was a great idea,” executive producer Matthew B. Roberts tells EW. “It gives it a different feel. We always call Outlander a road show. We are never in one spot very often. It’s always moving. That helps us. We change our main title to depict where we are in the story. We will do that again. We will evolve.”

And boy, do they like to tease us! The new title sequence definitely gives viewers a hint about where the show is headed. Take a look:

Credit: Starz

Yes, we know we are about to go on ships. But…

Credit: Starz

…looks like Claire isn’t going to stay on board for long!

Credit: Starz

Looks like she finds an island where she feels very much alone.

Credit: Starz

She better go looking for help!

Credit: Starz

Meanwhile, back on the high seas, what’s going to happen to Jamie? Then again, we do tease in our latest cover story that the season ends in a very soggy manner.

Check back later for more tidbits about tonight’s episode, as well as Amy Wilkinson’s full recap of the episode.

And don’t make plans for Monday at noon ET! Costume Designer Terry Dresbach will be our guest on Outlander Live!, on EW Radio Sirius XM 105.

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