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When EW reunited the cast members of Sabrina the Teenage Witch at Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con, they had a lot of reminiscing to do. Though they were all ecstatic to see each other, one of the hot topics was the absolutely magical list of guest stars they had on the show.

“We had some great guest stars,” lead actress Melissa Joan Hart recalled, nearly 15 years after the show went off the air. “We had, like, Britney [Spears] and N’Sync, we had the Violent Femmes.”

The show debuted in 1996 on ABC’s TGIF lineup and would spend four seasons as a sleeper hit on the network; when TGIF faded out, Sabrina went to college — and the WB — for three more seasons, adding characters like Soleil Moon Frye’s Roxie and Elisa Donovan’s Morgan. Throughout its time on air, Sabrina remained a touchstone with young audiences and, as a result, attracted some of the hottest talent around.

“I find it amazing the amount of guest stars that were on the show. I run into people all the time who are like ‘I was on Sabrina with you,’” said David Lascher, who played Sabrina’s boyfriend and boss, Josh. “You look back on these episodes and they were, like, epic.”

Lascher’s favorite memory is when an up-and-coming music artist named Usher appeared on the show as the “Love Doctor.”

“Usher did, like, a whole serenade,” he recalled. “It was right before Usher became Usher. He serenaded Sabrina to get her to fall in love with me.”

Nick Bakay, who voiced Salem the Cat, most enjoyed a guest star who was more of a throwback. “Dick Van Dyke danced on Sabrina.” he said. “What’s better than that?”.

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