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Want scoop on your favorite shows? Then come hang out in the Spoiler Room, where I attempt to satiate your need to find out what’s coming up on TV. If you want spoilers on a specific show, send Qs to my Twitter: @NatalieAbrams.

Do you know what’s next for Meredith after Nathan’s exit on Grey’s Anatomy? — Marciella
It doesn’t sound like the show will necessarily be rushing to give her a new love interest. “Meredith Grey is a very complex character who had the love of her life, and that person died,” EP Shonda Rhimes says. “I don’t know that for her that epic romance is exactly what she’s looking for next. I think it might come when she least expects it, but I don’t think that’s what she’s looking for next. I kind of subscribe to the idea that a woman should be looking for something else, mainly something for herself, as opposed to basing everything in a man. I think we’re watching her grow and evolve.”

Please give me hope about Tom’s fate on The Blacklist. — Garrison
Following Tom’s abduction by new big bad Ian Garvey, the show will finally catch up to that grim premiere flash forward, in which Tom appears to die at the hands of Red over the contents of that mysterious suitcase. “We are on a collision course with that moment,” EP Jon Bokenkamp says, promising that the fall finale will definitively answer whether Tom survives. “Tom gets as close as anyone has gotten to unlocking the deeper mythology of the show, [but] Red is willing to go to the end of the earth and back to put these bones back in the ground.”

Andrew Kreisberg hinted there’s a future fun hook up for Alex on Supergirl. Any scoop on that? — Marah
It’s probably not what you’re expecting, but it’s something I previously thought would be fun — if that gives you any hints. “There’s going to be — I can’t say relationship or even a romance — but Alex is going to have a fun interaction in the upcoming episodes that’s funny and sweet, but also speaks to the Maggie story, which we love,” EP Andrew Kreisberg teases.

I’ve been on pins and needles since Dr. Charles was shot on the season finale of Chicago Med! Is he going to make it? — Charlotte
Now, what fun would it be if I answered that outright? But what I can tell you is that you’ll have your answer within the first few minutes of the season premiere, and then you’ll get a time jump several months forward and right into the thick of Jack Kellogg’s trial (complete with a guest appearance from Chicago Justice‘s Philip Winchester). I’m guessing you also spent the hiatus with a few questions about romantic relationships on this show. Well, expect some big, swoon-worthy answers there, too.

Anything on the Supernatural spin-off? — Alex
We know Wayward Sisters is going to be set in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, which shouldn’t come as a surprise seeing as how that’s where Jody Mills lives with Alex (and Claire when she’s home), and where Jody has a job. But that’s not the only reason the spin-off will be localized to that town. “They showed us a really great reason as to why that is happening,” star Kim Rhodes says of the location. “It doesn’t just happen to be in Sioux Falls. There’s definitely a reason.” And what do you want to bet it’s a supernatural reason?

What can you tease for Zelena’s return to Once Upon a Time? — Oliver
Hmm, let’s say you’ll first see her in a place that’s very unexpected. But the reason she returns is far less so. “In times of crisis, you reach out for family,” EP Edward Kitsis says. “Regina’s going to need her sister coming up.” Adds EP Adam Horowitz: “It’s about the strength of the sisters. That relationship becomes front and center and entirely important.”

Now that we’ve met Ralph Dibny on The Flash, will we meet Sue? — Alicia
His famed comic book love interest could appear on the show, but you’ll have to be patient. “We want to wait to get to know Ralph and exhaust Ralph where he is before he meets Sue,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg says. “Ralph and Sue are endgame, as the kids like to say, so you don’t want to bring her in too soon. But that’s definitely in our plan. Not for this year, but we’ll see.”

In this week’s episode of The Gifted, Dr. Campbell began working with Agent Turner. Anything you can tease now about why he’s so interested in the Strucker kids? — Anthony
Well, if you’ve read the comics, you probably already have an inkling about what’s going on with Campbell & Co. For everyone else, star Natalie Alyn Lind can give a small clue: “Our characters are Struckers, and if you’re an X-Men fan, then you’re probably familiar with the Strucker twins,” she says. “Our characters start dabbling a little bit in that, and that’s definitely going to grow over the rest of the season.” In other words, expect to see Lauren and Andy combining their powers more and more over the next episodes, and for Campbell to be very interested in what that means.

Any particular time periods we’ll see this season on Legends of Tomorrow? — Dhara
Next week, the team ventures to 1930s Hollywood, where they cross paths with a time-displaced Helen of Troy, who “renders all of our guys useless,” says EP Phil Klemmer, who also teases that we’ll soon see a no-time-period episode. “We blow through our production money and then some with our crossover, so it’s the infamous bottle [episode], which always turns out to be great, but it’s also driven by, ‘How can we do it all on our standing sets for as cheaply as possible?” Fellow EP Marc Guggenheim likens the episode to Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s “Cause and Effect” hour. “It’s our Groundhog Day episode, but [Zari] is at the center of it,” Guggenheim says.

What’s coming up on Brooklyn Nine-Nine? Misa
Terry and Jake dip back into the SkyFire world when Terry’s favorite author DC Parlov (guest star Fred Melamed) has his manuscript stolen. But this time, Jake is now super into Skyfire, as he read the entire series in prison, so he and Terry will geek out over it. Rob Huebel also guest stars in the episode as a competing author, so I’m guessing he’ll be the prime suspect.

This week in TV: I have watched Grey’s Anatomy since the pilot episode, but wow, sometimes I forget how baby-faced they all were.

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Additional reporting by Breanne L. Heldman, Samantha Highfill, Shirley Li, Dan Snierson, and Abby Stern.

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