The director behind 'Sleepless' with Jamie Foxx is coming to Netflix


Mythic illustrations of an immense labyrinth, a warrior grappling with a centaur, and a galaxy at a glance adorn the walls of a home as a voice says, “The past doesn’t just influence the future. The future also influences the past. Tick-tock. Tick-tock.” This is part of the puzzle of Dark, a new German series coming to Netflix that revealed its first mystifying and sinister trailer.

With all 10 hourlong episodes directed by Baran bo Odar, the filmmaker behind this year’s Sleepless with Jamie Foxx, the story focuses on the disappearance of two children in a small German town, as well as the double lives and fractured relationships of four families. But there’s something else lingering in the town’s past, something supernatural that ties back to the same location in the year 1986.

There are some stranger things (pun intended) lurking in the woods as flashlights flicker and teenagers flee in terror from a ominous cave.

“Everything is just like it was 33 years ago. Everything’s repeating itself,” a woman recalls. “This city is sick and we’re all a part of it. There’s a murderer among us,” another says.

Adding to the mystique is the cryptic tagline of the poster: “The question is not where. But when.”

Credit: Netflix

Jantje Friese, who worked with Odar on 2014’s Who I Am (Kein System ist sicher) and 2010’s The Silence (Das letzte Schweigen), penned Dark. The series premiered earlier this year at the Toronto International Film Festival, and will be available to stream beginning Dec. 1.

Watch the trailer above.

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