James Corden chimed in, 'The Trump family only knows how to fix elections, not tweets'

By Nick Romano
November 08, 2017 at 07:47 AM EST

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Donald Trump Jr. — or as Stephen Colbert likes to call him, “man who reads Maxim on his Kindle” — found himself a source for fodder on the late-night television circuit over his tweet about the Virginia election. Tuesday morning, Trump Jr. wrote, “Let’s take @EdWGillespie across the finish line tomorrow! Virginia: get out and vote for Ed & entire @GOP ticket #VAGov #VA.” The problem was that the election happened on Tuesday and not Wednesday.

“Maybe he should’ve waited until he had his morning cup of hair gel,” Colbert said on The Late Show Tuesday night. The personality added, “#WhoopsieDaisy #TurnsOutEricIsTheSmartOne.”

Trump Jr. continued tweeting the same mistake, but Colbert had some sympathy for him.

“Right now he has to be under tremendous pressure because for the next seven days he is the only Donald Trump in the Western hemisphere ‘cause his dad continued his Asian tour in South Korea today,” he said. “It must’ve been pretty intense since there was a mad man with nuclear weapons on one side of the border and on the other side… North Korea.”

James Corden also dedicated a few lines to mocking Trump Jr. on The Late Late Show the same night. “How far did Donald Jr. set his clock back this weekend? He thinks today is Monday,” he laughed. “But I agree with Donald Jr.’s tweet, definitely go out and vote for his candidate tomorrow. Do it tomorrow.”

As a final zinger, Corden offered, “Apparently the Trump family only knows how to fix elections, not tweets.”

Watch Colbert and Corden in the clips above.

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