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It’s no secret that Jimmy Kimmel loathes the Trump administration’s goals for health care, but the late-night personality changed his tactics on Tuesday night by airing a fake ad for TrumpCare.

The spot advertised “great health care for your family that won’t break the bank,” “coverage for pre-existing conditions, no lifetime caps, a great package of essential benefits,” and the option for parents to keep their kids on their health plan until they turn 26.

The only thing is that these benefits aren’t from TrumpCare — they’re from ObamaCare, a.k.a. The Affordable Care Act.

The Trump administration cut funding on advertising for ObamaCare by 90 percent, according to CNN, which means there aren’t as many materials informing the public about this year’s open enrollment, which began on Nov. 1. It seems that if Kimmel can convince Trump supporters that ObamaCare is TrumpCare, there’s a better chance for more people to sign up.

“To the president I say, good for you for putting this out there,” Kimmel said. “We do a lot of criticizing, we should also highlight the positive when it’s warranted. So even if you don’t support President Trump, watch this, keep an open mind, and if you don’t have health insurance, maybe after you see this go to the website and sign up.”

To view health care options for the new enrollment period, go to Enrollment ends on Dec. 15.

Watch Kimmel’s TrumpCare ad above.

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