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By Ruth Kinane
November 06, 2017 at 07:30 AM EST
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Yet again on Outlander things didn’t exactly go according to plan for our favorite Sassanach and her Highland husband. In episode 8 of season 3, Jamie (Sam Heughan) and his wife (questionable?) Claire (Caitriona Balfe) returned to Jamie’s childhood home after a devastating fire destroyed his print shop in the previous episode.

As if that wasn’t bad enough news to return home with, when they got to Lallybroch Claire’s day just got worse and worse. Remember that other wife of Jamie’s we heard a mention of last episode? Yip, she showed up — and she just happens to be the worst character on the show so far. (Okay, fine, I’m exaggerating; I haven’t forgotten Black Jack already!) Anyway, it was one blow after another for Claire and she’s even starting to feel like returning through the stones to a different century and a man she hasn’t seen in 20 years maybe wasn’t the most braw of ideas.

Here’s 19 moments that really illustrate just how crappy a time Claire was having:

1. When she and Jamie got back to Lallybroch and she was nervous about how she’d be received.

2. When an unwelcoming Jenny said Claire had a strange face.

3. When Jamie didn’t kiss her back and she realized something was up.

4. When some seemingly random kids burst into the room and then started calling Jamie “daddy”…

5. …and then they were followed by Laoghaire.

6. When she found out Jamie was, in fact, married to Laoghaire.

7. When Jamie tried to make excuses and she yelled at him, “I told you to thank her, not marry her!”

8. When she made it clear it was just as hard for her as it was for him all these years.

9. When Jamie tried to kiss her mid fight and she slapped him.

10. When Jenny threw water on them to shut them up (just when it was getting good!!).

11. When she stared forlornly into the fire.

12. When Jenny told her their relationship would never heal right.

13. When she told Jamie they can’t have lies between them and tried to leave…

14. …and then Laoghaire showed up with a gun!

15. When Jamie said he wouldn’t have Laoghaire punished for shooting him and she was like, well, that’s greaaaaaaaat.

16. When she told Jamie she wasn’t sure they belonged together anymore. Sob.

17. When she admitted it was much harder being back with Jamie than she ever imagined and he asked if she’d risk the man he is for the one she once knew.

18. …and then — before she could answer — they were (rudely) interrupted by a ship arriving on the horizon and stealing Ian!

19. A ship that got really far away really fast.

*Here’s a bonus GIF of Jamie dancing because why not?

Outlander airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on Starz.

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