We break down the latest episodes of The Flash, Supergirl, Arrow, and DC's Legends of Tomorrow

By Natalie Abrams and Chancellor Agard
November 03, 2017 at 03:31 PM EDT
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Each week, we break down the biggest moments from Supergirl, The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and Arrow — both here on EW.com and on SiriusXM’s EW Live every Friday during Superhero Insider.

This week’s fresh batch of episodes found the Girl of Steel being worshiped on Supergirl, the Scarlet Speedster adding a new member of the team on The Flash, Felicity’s Helix past catching up with her on Arrow, and the Legends of Tomorrow racing to save one of their own. Here are the highlights:


Bettina Strauss/The CW

In just one supremely stellar hour of television, Supergirl did what Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice could not do in nearly three: address the idea of the public looking at members of the House of El as Gods. “The Faithful” didn’t paint those who worshiped Supergirl as crazy zealots — well, save for their leader, who was willing to kill a lot of people for his faith — but as people who genuinely believed their life had meaning because they had been saved by the Girl of Steel. The story line paired perfectly with Kara’s recent struggle between being human and being a Kryptonian. —Natalie Abrams
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Jack Rowand/The CW

Four years after his name was first dropped on The Flash, Ralph Dibny (played by Hartley Sawyer) finally made his debut on the speedy series. Sure, it wasn’t necessarily what we were expecting, as The CW drama’s version of Elongated Man was pretty skeezy and miserable (more Plastic Man in temperament than Elongated Man). However, as the episode’s fun climax revealed, there’s some good buried beneath that nasty exterior. Not only does Ralph listen to his better angels and abandon his plan to blackmail Central City’s mayor, but he also plays a key role in helping The Flash save Joe’s life. Hopefully, this heroic streak lasts for longer than just a day. —Chancellor Agard
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Bettina Strauss/The CW

Yes, this Ray-centric hour was jam-packed with brilliant nods to ’80s pop culture, namely E.T., and also provided a lot of insight about Ray’s childhood, but Nick Zano’s Nate really stole the spotlight for the second week in a row. Between Nate’s drug trip in the last hour to this week watching him come on to Ray’s mother, who actually turned out to be a Dominator queen, Zano has really proven to be an unsung hero of Legends. —N.A.
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Alan Zenuk/The CW

This week’s Arrow confirmed what we’ve suspected since his casting was announced in July: Michael Emerson is playing notorious Helix founder Cayden James. While the reveal wasn’t that surprising, it still worked incredibly well because of Emerson’s tremendous performance. Emerson brought a quiet menace to the role that made Cayden, who launched an attack on the internet itself in “Reversal,” instantly compelling. —C.A.
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This Week’s Crossover Moments

  • On Legends of Tomorrow, Stein’s daughter Lily gives birth to a baby boy she names Ronnie, presumably after Ronnie Raymond, who was part of the first incarnation of Firestorm on The Flash.
  • On Arrow, Curtis mentioned the dating app UpSwipes, which is the tech company where Ray Palmer worked when the Legends of Tomorrow temporarily disbanded.

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