Saving the world at least once a week tends to get a little noisy. Actually, the Scorpion team’s new neighbor would say too noisy.

In this exclusive clip from Monday’s Scorpion, Tina Majorino (Grey’s Anatomy) makes her debut as Florence, a chemist who just set up her lab in the adjoining warehouse; however, Walter & Co.’s loud shenanigans have made it hard for her to get any work done and repeatedly banging on the wall has not gotten them to quiet down. So, seeing no other option, Florence unleashes a stink bomb in their shared ventilation system to get their attention — which is a reasonable response, right?

“Well, now that I have your attention, I’d really appreciate it if you could keep it down,” she says before delivering one more warning to the team as she leaves.

Sure, Florence and Scorpion get off to a rocky start, but we hear that things can only get better from here. Eventually, this band of outsiders realize they have a lot in common.

Watch the clip above.

Scorpion airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS.

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