MacGyver (1985 TV series)

The original Jack Dalton is coming to town.

CBS has announced that Bruce McGill, who played Jack Dalton in the original 1985 series, is going to guest-star in MacGyver‘s second season. McGill will play Detective Greer, a seasoned LAPD veteran who reads MacGyver his Miranda Rights for a murder. Not knowing who MacGyver really is, Detective Greer believes that he is a bomb maker who took down a warehouse, killing someone, and intends to charge him with domestic terrorism.

“I was happy to make a guest appearance on MacGyver,” McGill said in a press release. “It’s unusual for an actor to be on the original series and then, 30 years later, be on a newer version. The cast and producers were warm and embracing, and I enjoyed being a part of the new show.”

Credit: Patrick McElhenney/CBS; Inset: ABC Photo Archives/Getty Images

Of course, as fans know, the role of Jack Dalton is now played by George Eads.

MacGyver airs Fridays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

MacGyver (1985 TV series)
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