Ellen DeGeneres knows how to make people laugh, and with her latest hidden camera prank, she made her audience ugly-laugh out loud. The host enlisted none other than the Keeping Up With the Kardashians matriarch, Kris Jenner, to shop at a 99-cent store in Burbank, California, while she whispered outrageous things in her ear through an earpiece.

As soon as Kris enters the store, she is told to approach the store clerk and say, “Hi! I’m Kris Jenner, I’m a big celebrity.” From there on, it all spirals out of control in the best possible way.

DeGeneres makes the famous momager ask for the price of a coconut ($1) and then act dumbfounded when it is not 99 cents as advertised — quite possibly the most relatable moment we will ever experience from Kris Jenner. Plus there’s a finger dance moment!

In the end, Kris reveals to the cashier that she’s on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and that her antics were all for laughs. She ends the segment in a robe saying, “I look like a lunatic.”

Watch the hilarious clip from Ellen’s Show Me More Show above.