The YouTube Red series' third season is now streaming

By Ernest Macias
November 01, 2017 at 05:45 PM EDT

Andie Fixler (Jenn McAllister) and her gang are back!

School’s out and the Foursome gang is going on vacation in season 3 of the show, YouTube Red’s first scripted series to go beyond two seasons.

Season 3 brings back fan-favorite Logan Paul as Andie’s overbearing, protective older brother. Plus, her ride-or-die crew — played by Meghan Falcone (Courtney Todd), Rickey Thompson (Dakota Green), and Monica Sherer (Mae) — will all be there for more awkward adventures set in a tropical paradise. See what McAllister teased about the new episodes below, and check out season 3 of Foursome, from Awesomeness TV, on YouTube Red now.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So what is it about Foursome and its characters that have made the series so successful and popular among fans?
Each character is pretty different from one another, but they all have something that people can relate to. What I like about that is that even though they’re all different, they’re all best friends, and they’ve got each other’s backs throughout the entire show. Particularly, what I think has made this show such a success is that it talks about things other shows don’t talk about — and in a funny but educational way. I’ve never seen a show that talks about these things.

When you say “these kinds of things,” what are you referring to?
We talk about things that high schoolers deal with, like crushes, sex but in a great educational way — we have an episode on periods and even masturbation. This is all stuff that isn’t really touched on in traditional shows, and I think our show does it in such a great way because it’s not uncomfortable; it’s funny and informative at the same time.

It’s the first time the characters are leaving the high school. Can you tell me more about the new setting?
So the group of friends scores a trip to this placed called Beach Island and it’s for their winter break. The majority of this season is set on an island, and I’m very excited about that because it’s the same group of friends, the same type of drama they’ve been dealing with, except in this new really fun location. Really fun to shoot in too!

Can you give us a little hint about the type of adventures Andie and her friends are getting into in this season?
You know Andie — always dealing with boy drama. She is again dealing with a lot of that this season. This is truly the most dramatic season yet, every character is dealing with their own issues here, and by the end of the season, they’ve all really learned, I think, really important lessons. It gets really dramatic.

Sounds like Andie really has it going on this season: She has a boy, she has the friends, she has an amazing vacation. Where does she go from here?
Everything might not be as good as it seems for Andie in this new season. I think Andie has a bit of a problem balancing friends and relationships, and she kind of has a realization about relationships. Everything really changes this season.

Can fans look forward to any guest stars or new characters?
There actually is a new character and her name is Pegg and I’m really excited about this character because I think a lot of fans are going to relate to her, and she’s really great.