Distract, distract, distract

While skewering President Donald Trump’s response to the latest development in the Russian investigation, Seth Meyers turned his focus to Fox News Monday night for following “the playbook they and the Trump team had adhered to all weekend.”

“When none of your defenses work, there’s the always the option of ignoring the news completely,” Meyers said during his “Closer Look” segment on Late Night. “As other news outlets were going wall to wall with coverage of the [Paul] Manafort indictment, here’s what Fox News thought was more important.”

The late-night personality screened footage of a Fox host talking about how Google’s new hamburger emoji features the cheese underneath the patty. “Who does that?” she asked. “Unless the answer is Paul Manafort, who cares?” Meyers retorted. “Fox News, if you really want to talk about emojis, you could at least focus on the ones that are relevant to the Trump White House,” he added, showing images of poop and fire emoji.

Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort, as well as two other advisers, was charged on Monday over special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into potential Russian collusion by the Trump campaign. Stephen Colbert also took aim at Fox News for the network’s coverage, calling Fox & Friends “the president’s roadside petting zoo.”

“I was going to question the legitimacy of our president, but first I gotta hear what TV’s Superman and 51-year-old millennial has to say about candy corn,” he remarked about a pivot from the Mueller investigation to a Dean Cain Halloween segment. “It seems like Fox News is going out of its way to cover anything other than the Mueller investigation,” the Late Show host added. “In fact, the only news network more focused on fluff is the one I started to boost the president’s ego: Real News Tonight.”

Meyers also mocked Trump’s response to the situation, laughing about how poorly he seems to be handling everything.

“Trump, of course, could not help but respond to the [Mueller] news today on Twitter in a way that made it very clear he is not handling this well,” Meyers said. “First he tweeted, ‘Sorry, but this is years ago before Paul Manafort was part of the Trump campaign. But why aren’t Crooked Hillary & the Dems the focus?????’ But then three minutes later he added, ‘….Also, there is NO COLLUSION!’ He is so bad at this. It’s like getting pulled over and saying, ‘I wasn’t speeding, officer, and also THERE IS NO COCAINE IN THE GLOVE COMPARTMENT! DON’T LOOK THERE, IT’S A WASTE OF YOUR TIME!’”

Watch Meyers and Colbert in the clips above.

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