'It was my first time as you on you!' she said on the 'Ellen' show

The past will come back to haunt Ellen DeGeneres on her Halloween-themed show Tuesday. As shown in a clip from the episode, guest Julie Bowen emerges onstage dressed as the comedian — mullet and all. “It was my first time as you on you!” the Modern Family star told DeGeneres, who was dressed in her Karla Kardashian getup.

Bowen rocked a specific look from days of DeGeneres past: her wardrobe for her first appearance on The Johnny Carson Show in 1986. She also rehearsed a brief standup bit in the mirror “and then backwards in the mirror” for the audience that began, “I’ve been keeping in shape, you know. You have to. I’m getting older, 27. People say, ‘You don’t look 27, you look about 23.’ I guess I’m lucky it runs in the family. I got a grandmother who’s 97, she looks about 93.”

“I think Sinbad told me to buy something like that. I was taking advice from Sinbad back then,” DeGeneres said of her retro outfit.

Bowen remarked how nervous she was performing standup in front of the audience. “You were on Carson. I was on fake Carson and I almost just threw up,” she said. “It’s so hard,” she added. “It’s hard to be you.”

Watch Bowen’s big entrance in the clip above.

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