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Each week, Frankie Muniz will take EW inside his progress going into the finale of Dancing With the Stars. This week, he weighs in on those perfect 10s, the group dance, and whether he ever saw any tension between Maks and Vanessa. (Head here for our full DWTS recap.)

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How were you feeling about the competition after last week?
FRANKIE MUNIZ: I was pretty positive that I was going home. To me, it was so negative last week, there was nothing positive to take from the week. I was afraid that everyone else had pretty strong weeks and with me being on the bottom of the board, I didn’t think people were going to engage with my dancing. I felt confident in that routine last week. I knew the steps, I did them well. If people got to see the dress rehearsal they could have seen I could do a good jazz. But my mind went blank during the live show and then I started thinking about, “oh my God, I messed up.” It was like a snowball effect. It wasn’t like I couldn’t remember. I just didn’t do the steps. I don’t know why. Even the knee spin at the end. We probably did it 1,000 times during the week. I never messed it up once. And of course on the live show, it’s so mortifying and embarrassing [to mess it up], since I was dressed up as a troll with a blue wig. It just amplifies the embarrassment by a million. I was upset because it was the first performance that I had on the show that I didn’t feel like I showed them what I could do.

As you were performing last night, did you know were on your way to earning three 10s?
I felt really confident in the dance. I loved the concept. But you never really know. It all comes down to the execution. When I do the dance in rehearsal, even the camera blocking, I can remember every moment. But I don’t remember actually doing the dance when it’s live. I know my hands were tingling, and I was slipping on the floor. That’s all I remember. It’s weird. I felt confident, yet I was probably the most I had nervous I had ever been.

That dance last night was super creepy. How much did you contribute?
A lot of it. To be honest, I haven’t been involved in the creative aspects of the dances at all. I trust [partner] Witney Carson. When I heard the song, I just had so many ideas so we started talking about it and it evolved to what we did. For the dance to work, it relied heavily on lighting and the camera work. I was even thrilled to get three 10s, and I was even more thrilled with the team dance. There are so many elements that weren’t in my control, or Witney’s control. There are six other bodies out there who have to remember the steps. Everyone came together and we put on an amazing performances. We got three more 10s. That was insane. I love this show, I love doing it!

Both Val and Maks talked in their rehearsal packages about how Lindsey and Jordan seem to be the favorites? Is that how the rest of you feel?
I do. I feel that way. From day 1 when you see them dance, I watch them in awe, both of them. Jordan, I’m sitting up there going, I can’t even comprehend the way he moves, it’s so perfect. His face, everything about him. Same with Lindsey, she is unbelievable at all her dances. Even after being extremely injured, it’s insane. They are absolutely at the head of the class by far. But I’m trying my best. I’m having fun. There are three weeks left, hopefully I can make it for all three weeks. So if I make it to the finale, that’s like a massive win to me.

Did you guys know there would be a double elimination?
They didn’t tell us. The moment we found out was when they said it at the end. I think we all kind of thought that it could be, just because they didn’t do an elimination for week 3 so they had to make up for that at some point.

Now that they are gone, did you ever see tension between Maks and Vanessa?
To be honest, the only time I saw them was this week during the team rehearsal. Now that we have moved into the DWTS dance studio, we are all in different rooms. Doors are closed. You don’t really get to see anybody. In the team dance, I wouldn’t say there was tension at all. He was trying to teach her, they have their dynamic of how she learns and how he teaches. I have my dynamic, everyone works differently together. Even working with three other pros, it made me appreciate, and not that I’m saying anything negative about the pros, I think the way Witney teaches is perfect for me. She’s strict but still positive and fun.

What’s next?
From now on, every week is two dances. For our solo, we have the Viennese waltz, which will be fun. Then it’s trio week, and they brought back past celebrities. It’s Alfonso Ribeiro and me and Witney for our trio, which is awesome because Alfonso and I have been friends for years. It will be a good dynamic because I know how hard he works. But we have jive for that. I’m a little afraid of jive. I’m not going to lie.

Dancing With the Stars airs at 8 p.m. ET Mondays on ABC.