Film stars Adam Green, Joe Lynch, Laura Ortiz, and Corri English

Fans of the sitcom Holliston have had a long wait for new episodes since the second season of the horror film-homaging series ended on the now defunct FEARnet back in the spring of 2014. This delay is for an array of reasons, both professional and personal, which cast members and real-life filmmakers Adam Green and Joe Lynch have detailed on their podcast, The Movie Crypt. But a new short reunites the show’s four core cast members — Green, Lynch, Laura Ortiz, and Corri English — for a Halloween-themed meta-tale. What can viewers expect? Murder, mayhem, swearing, and an array of deliberately dumb jokes. Plus, an appearance by show creator Green’s Yorkie, Arwen. The mini-movie is the 19th annual Halloween short from Green’s company, ArieScope.

You can watch the Halloween short above and trailers for Green’s new film Victor Crowley and Lynch’s upcoming movie Mayhem, below.

Green is currently touring the country with Victor Crowley, while Mayhem is released in theaters, Nov. 10.