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Want scoop on your favorite shows? Then come hang out in the Spoiler Room, where I attempt to satiate your need to find out what’s coming up on TV. If you want spoilers on a specific show, send Qs to my Twitter: @NatalieAbrams.

I’d love to hear what’s in store for Arrow‘s Felicity Smoak. — Thad
Now that we know Felicity and Curtis are starting their own company, the question remains: What are they actually going to do? “It’s going to be Curtis and her working together and hopefully bringing tech into the world that can aid society in a better way,” Emily Bett Rickards tells me. “That’s Felicity’s goal. She has trouble trying to think of what necessarily they’re going to invent to kick off the company, but she figures it out around episode 5-ish.”

Anything about Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost journey on The Flash and her connection with Amunet Black? — Clarice
The connection between Killer Frost and Amunet will be explored in-depth during the upcoming fifth episode — Killer Frost returns during the bachelorette party, which leads to an interesting, if not enlightening, night for the ladies. “When Killer Frost shows up, Iris has a lot of compassion for Killer Frost and a lot of compassion for Caitlin and is pivotal in helping Caitlin reconcile herself with her past and some of the mistakes that Killer Frost made,” Danielle Panabaker teases.

Is Jo Wilson going to finally pick a specialty on Grey’s Anatomy? — Sara
It looks like Grey’s will be heading in that direction, but it’s still TBD. “I believe that Jo will find a mentor this season,” Camilla Luddington tells me. “I don’t know who it is, but I believe that is something that does happen. I’m really excited about that because she lost Callie. I know that Stephanie had Amelia, and Jo was sort of lost and didn’t have that person. So yes, I believe that is something that will happen this season.”

So little time until Blindspot comes back! How about giving us some Spoiler Room scoop about Blindspot? — Lara
I can exclusively reveal that Anthony Lemke joins Blindspot as a recurring guest star, starting with the ninth episode. The Dark Matter star will play Victor, a charming and dangerous fixer working for a questionable organization.

Anything on Beverly, a.k.a my favorite character from The Goldbergs? — Theresa
With one kid at college and the other two quickly growing up, expect her to take another step in what creator Adam F. Goldberg calls her “Bevolution.” “The point of the Bevolution is: ‘I gave everything to my children and now I have to focus on myself.’ What is Beverly without parenting kids 24 hours a day,” Goldberg says. “Coming up, she goes into business, and that is something my mom tried. My mom made these jackets that I can’t even describe — they’re covered in doilies and gloves, like mittens. It’s so 80’s and bejeweled. They’re so busy and atrocious.” But if anyone can sell them, it’s Beverly Goldberg.

Stranger Things 2 is almost here. What more can you tease before it drops? — Hill
As everyone knows, Stranger Things is built on nostalgia, and this season continues that approach. But the sequel won’t be influenced solely by ’80s culture; in fact, if you watch carefully, you’ll find shades of the ’70s (namely, The Exorcist), the ’90s (Jurassic Park, mostly), and even this decade (think The Cabin in the Woods) in some key scenes’ storytelling DNA. That’s all I can say for now — just be sure to channel your inner Demogorgon and hunt those down when the season drops on Netflix.

When will we get more Drizella on Once Upon a Time? — Kurt
During Friday’s Halloween-themed hour, Henry will bring out a new side to her Hyperion Heights counterpart Ivy in a way that may make fans, hmm, a little nervous. “No one’s ever really taken the time or come close enough to actually ask her how she’s doing or try and see something more than this façade she puts on to hide all of her pain,” Adelaide Kane tells me. “Henry’s just the first person, and I would say probably the first man, who is gentle with her, asks some difficult questions, and takes a genuine interest in her feelings, in her life and what her experience is for her. He tries to find out maybe a little bit why she is the way she is, why she is so nasty and petty because people aren’t just born like that.”

Are Ray and Zari going to be a thing on Legends of Tomorrow? — Kendra
Though Ray has been lacking when it comes to the ladies, it doesn’t sound like the show is going that route. “I don’t know that Zari has romance on the mind at all,” Tala Ashe says. “What you’re going to find out this season is that her priorities are on something very, very different, so I don’t foresee that being a setup for a romance between them. I think she and Ray are going to be pals maybe down the line, but I don’t think it’s a romantic thing.”

How’s Mateo going to feel about meeting Adam on Jane the Virgin? — Crystal
Meeting mom’s new boyfriend is always a complicated situation, and Mateo will feel a variety of emotions toward Adam when they come face-to-face. And yet, it’s Rafael’s reaction to Adam that serves as Jane and Adam’s first roadblock. After all, if you want to meet the kid, you have to meet the father, and we all know how Raf can be in those situations. Good luck, Adam.

Anything you can tease about Professor Proton’s return to The Big Bang Theory? — Kenson
Bob Newhart’s late Bill Nye-esque scientific TV host will reappear in his Obi-Wan form, but in a surprise twist, it’s Sheldon who goes to him. (Sheldon doesn’t die, calm down.) Let’s just say Professor Proton will come smack in the middle of Sheldon and Wil Wheaton’s rivalry.

This week in TV: Sara Ramirez is going to be back on my TV!

That’s a wrap on this week’s Spoiler Room. Don’t forget to tweet your Qs to @NatalieAbrams.

Additional reporting by Samantha Highfill and Shirley Li.

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