Watch the new teaser for the eight-episode second season, which will launch in 2018

American Vandal is coming back!

Netflix has ordered a second season of its hilarious and critically acclaimed true crime satire, which will consist of eight-episodes and is expected to debut in 2018.

Framed as a Making a Murderer-style documentary made by two high school filmmakers, Peter (Tyler Alvarez) and Sam (Griffin Gluck), the excellent first season explored whether or not known-school troublemaker Dylan Maxwell (Jimmy Tatro) was responsible for vandalizing 27 teacher cars with spray-painted dicks. Over the course of these first eight episodes, the show rose above its phallic humor and delivered an engrossing mystery that also provided insight into high school culture.

The streaming service also released the above teaser for season 2, which is narrated by Peter and gives us our first clues about the mystery driving the second season. It’s safe to say that Peter and Sam will be moving beyond “who drew the dicks?”

“You can be born into the perfect family, the perfect life. But, can you be born above the law?” asks Peter in the very short clip, which pans across the yearbook photos of five new high school characters: Halen Goldenberg, Abby Kessler, Ted Hu, Olivia Goodman, and Ben Callahan.

Based on the school uniforms, we know that this new documentary is set at a different high school, which is in line with what creators and executive producers Dan Perrault and Tony Yacenda — who are returning for season 2 along with showrunner/EP Dan Lagana — told EW at the end of the first season.

“I think it’s safe to say that Peter and Sam would make a documentary in a different high school and in a different environment, for a different crime,” said Yacenda last month about a then-hypothetical season 2. Perrault also added that season 2 would move beyond Making a Murderer and Serial and tackle other tropes of the true crime genre.

For more insight into the first season, read our postmortem with the creators here, and EW staffer Dana Schwartz’s theory about who actually drew the dicks here.

American Vandal returns for season 2 in 2018.

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