Before the 100th episode, we asked the stars to reflect on their favorite stories thus far
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When The Goldbergs first premiered in 2013, it told the story of three siblings, their pants-hating father, and their nickname-loving mother — or smother — as they navigated their way through the ’80s. And 100 episodes later, well, not much has changed. The Goldbergs are still living their best ’80s lives (only now, Erica’s in college).

As the show hits its 100th episode, we asked a few of the cast to pick the stories that stand out among the rest:

Wendi McLendon-Covey (Beverly Goldberg)

ABC's "The Goldbergs" - Season Two
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“My favorite episodes involve Murray’s loser brother Uncle Marvin, played by the incomparable Dan Fogler. He appears in all of our Thanksgiving episodes, and every year he’s got a different job. One year it was selling lotions in a pyramid scheme (which he called a three-dimensional triangle), another year it was bartending school, and the next year it was ‘back cracking school.’ I think everyone can relate to having that one family member who has a hard time ‘adulting.'”

Jeff Garlin (Murray Goldberg)

ABC's "The Goldbergs" - Season Two
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“My favorite is the Ferris Bueller episode.”

Sam Lerner (Geoff Schwartz)

ABC's "The Goldbergs" - Season Three
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“My favorite episode was probably the Dirty Dancing one. It was such a cute Gerica episode and I think it really solidified their relationship. We also had a full week of dance rehearsals to learn the Dirty Dancing dance, and even though I’m the least coordinated person ever, I think we pulled it off!”

The Goldbergs airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

The Goldbergs
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