As much as there is to love about a Goldbergs Halloween episode — and there’s a lot — this season’s is a little something special, namely because it marks the show’s 100th episode. Yep, Beverly Goldberg has been smothering her children (and winning over viewers) for 100 episodes. “It’s so fantastic that the 100th fell on the Halloween episode because for ABC, they’re always big, fun splashy Halloween stories and I’ve done some in the past that I’m really proud of,” creator Adam F. Goldberg tells EW. “I have a soft spot for the Halloween episode. It’s the one day where you get to be a big kid again no matter what your age is. I’m like that every day, so it’s one day where everyone is at my level, which is why I love Halloween.”

When it comes to crafting Wednesday’s episode, Goldberg had two main stories he wanted to incorporate. “One I’ve wanted to do forever was Star Trek versus Star Wars,” Goldberg says. “A lot of the stories this year center around Adam and his girlfriend Jackie, who’s a real person — she’s actually an actor who played [Jackie’s] mom last year and is going to be recurring playing her TV mom, which is so wild. I actually met the real Jackie in theater camp. Back then, to find someone with your interests was so rare. This was like a legitimate ’80s girl geek, so we’re calling it ‘nerd love.’ Adam finds out she’s a Trekkie and he’s a major Star Wars kid and it tears their relationship apart. I’m very proud of that story. It rings very true for me.”

As for the other Halloween story in the 100th episode, it’s all about the return of Lainey. “Barry had a girlfriend for the last three years, and because of the nature of the show evolving and Erica going to college and Lainey graduating, it was hard to keep her around,” Goldberg says. “But she will be in episodes this season, and this is the first one introducing her back into the show. It’s all about Barry being haunted by his last relationship and turning to an old-school Parker Brothers ouija board for answers, so we’re doing like a ouija episode.”

All in all, Goldberg says, “It’s a really sweet episode and oddly emotional on both sides.” But does hitting the 100th episode signal an end for the show? At what point will Goldberg run out of family stories (and videos)? Long story short: not anytime soon. “People will tell me, ‘You don’t have enough videos, there’s no way,'” Goldberg says. “I have hundreds of tapes, and on every tape, my dad’s yelling at me, so every tape is gold.”

Get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the 100th episode above.

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