By Josh Glicksman
October 25, 2017 at 11:37 AM EDT
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No, your Spotify account isn’t being hacked. It’s just excited for the upcoming release of Stranger Things 2.

The music streaming service just launched an Easter egg to celebrate the mounting hype for season 2 of the Netflix show. The feature transforms the user’s screen after a few idle seconds of listening to either season of the Stranger Things official soundtrack. The screen will go dark, only providing light from the song progress bar, which will now function as a flashlight. In the bottom corners rest some sort of spooky vine. The screen is also a bit hazier than usual, with floating particles gliding across the user interface.

Don’t worry — if the sensation of being in the Upside Down becomes a little too real, all you need to do is move the mouse and your screen will go back to normal. But beware, if you stay idle for a few more seconds, Spotify’s new feature will kick right back in. After all, can you truly ever escape the Upside Down?

Try it out for yourself, but be prepared to show your colleagues the cool new trick. Stranger Things 2 will be available for streaming exclusively on Netflix on Oct. 27.

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