Christian Serratos got to kill a zombified version of her partner last season

By Dalton Ross
October 24, 2017 at 11:00 AM EDT

Every couple has their way of working out differences. Apparently, for The Walking Dead star Christian Serratos and New Politics singer David Boyd, it involves zombification and then zombie-slaying.

We found this out when we asked Serratos — who plays Rosita on the show — about her favorite zombie kill ever, and she revealed that her boyfriend (and father of her daughter) was involved. “David was actually a walker,” says Serratos, laughing. “It’s funny because he looks like a f—ing walker. I think that’s how [director, EP, and zombie guru Greg Nicotero] and I started talking about it initially. He has just the perfect face for the walker makeup. Like, there are very specific requirements to be a walker, and David had all those requirements, so yeah, he was a walker.”

But wait, it gets better. “I was like, well if we’re going to have him on the show, I need to kill him,” says Serratos. “So he was a walker in the episode with me and Sonequa, and I killed him.”

Credit: AMC

The episode she’s referring to is season 7’s “The Other Side” in which Rosita and Sasha put their past Abraham awkwardness aside to join forces on a mission to try to take out Negan. So which walker was David Boyd and how did the kill go down? “It was as we were talking about how we were going to bust into the compound,” says Serratos. “And we were arguing with each other and I’m trying to jumpstart a car and we’re walking down this hill. Two walkers come at us, and he’s my walker.” (See photo above.)

Serratos stabbed her zombified beau in the head with ease, but luckily, her rock star partner did not take it too hard. “We got some really adorable photos after that scene,” says Serratos. “He was really great and I was glad that I was the one to do it.”

Love, Walking Dead style.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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