TRNDSTTRS rap about the powers of Eleven and the value of friendship
Credit: Netflix

One of the most infectious elements of Netflix’s Stranger Things is its young cast and the way the child actors channel the energetic enthusiasm of bonding with your friends over games and movies you all love. So who better to honor the show than a crew of young friends with their own rap tribute?

Sitting in front of a wall covered with Christmas lights, Esteban “Mini” Serrano raps a litany of references to the show, while his brother Mikael Serrano holds some of Eleven’s beloved waffles and Josyah “JoJo” Lavina-Maldonado makes the beats. The group calls themselves TRNDSTTRS. Millie Bobby Brown’s Eleven is the focus of the lyrics, especially the chorus: “She eats up all the Eggos, eats up all the Eggos, she don’t play with Barbie, she don’t play with LEGOs. When El opens her mouth, she hits you like tornadoes,” Esteban raps.

Watch the video above. The much-anticipated Stranger Things 2 lands on Netflix Oct. 27.

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