Father and son are reunited: In a new ad for Visa, Ben Schwartz and Stranger Things star Joe Keery see just how far their similar looks can take them.

Back in 2016, the internet decided Keery and Schwartz looked similar and subsequently declared Jean-Ralphio — the wacky, beloved character Schwartz played on Parks and Recreation — and Keery’s Steve Harrington related. “We will neither confirm nor deny that Steve is Jean-Ralphio’s real dad,” Parks co-creator Mike Schur tweeted. “But yes, Steve is definitely his real dad.”

Around that time, the two actors teamed up for a Late Late Show With James Cordon bit to “address” the fan theories. And now, they seem like old pals — the Visa clip opens with Keery giving Schwartz, who wrote and directed the ad, a piggyback ride before a woman approaches Schwartz and mistakes him for Keery.

“Oh my god, Joe Keery!” she exclaims. “I’m a huge, huge, huge fan!” Schwartz runs with it, though he uses the opportunity to mess with his bud’s reputation. “Give up on your dreams, and goodbye,” he tells her after rejecting a selfie. Keery, however, accepts the photo op when another enthusiastic fan approaches him thinking he’s Schwartz. Team Joe.

After these mix-ups and more — Keery’s mom also has some trouble telling the two apart — Schwartz asks Keery if he can borrow $4,000 to buy… a suit made of marshmallows. He says no, of course, and heads to the bathroom to play with his now-famous head of hair while Schwartz tries to break into his Visa account to steal the money. Spoiler: It doesn’t work.

Watch the video above to see what Keery ultimately decides regarding the marshmallow suit — and, more importantly, to hear both of them put on their best Kermit the Frog voices.

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