'The greatest hand acting since The Thing in The Adams Family,' the actor told 'EW: The Show'

By Ernest Macias
October 21, 2017 at 10:00 AM EDT
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There are only a handful of horror movies that are considered classics: Sam Raimi’s 1987 Evil Dead 2 is one of them. There’s a specific (and significant) scene where Ash, the movie’s hero, loses his demonic right hand. Recently Bruce Campbell (Ash) appeared on Entertainment Weekly: The Show and talked about the process a faking a severed hand and how Ash’s hand has evolved through the years.

“You have to put your hand in a horrible restraint. It was this latex glove that we would put on, but then it is still too long so have to then tuck it away. It’s a whole big Megillah,” Campbell explains.

The actor went on to say that it has taken years to give Ash the perfect and ‘groovy’ hand. Even on his Starz’s comedy-horror show, Ash vs. Evil Dead, the hand is still evolving.

“It really got perfected in Ash vs. Evil Dead. Character Pablo makes it for Ash as a gift. It’s got little tools and lights and stuff. It’s pretty cool, we still have yet to fully explore it, but I got my damn hand back,” Campbell says.

Watch the full clip above.

Evil Dead II

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