Check out this exclusive clip from the Hulu documentary 'Too Funny to Fail,' which premieres Saturday, Oct. 21

By Chancellor Agard
October 20, 2017 at 12:00 PM EDT

How did Stephen Colbert manage to get a callback for The Dana Carvey Show? Well, according to Carvey in an exclusive clip from new Hulu documentary Too Funny to Fail, it certainly wasn’t because of the faux-breakdown he had at the end of his audition tape.

Too Funny to Fail chronicles the rise and precipitous fall of Carvey’s promising but short-lived ABC sketch series, which premiered in 1996 and starred the likes of Colbert, Louis C.K., and Stephen Carell — all of whom are interviewed in the documentary. In the above clip, Carvey, Colbert, and executive producer Robert Smigel look back on Colbert’s ridiculous audition tape, which showed the current Late Show host using his then-infant daughter as a prop — “She had such a huge load in her pants,” he explains in the clip — and hilariously crying about how hard it was to support her as an actor.

“I think that’s what actually got me the callback,” says Colbert in the documentary.

“No, it didn’t. No, that was quite disturbing,” says Carvey.

Watch the bonkers clip above.

Too Funny to Fail premieres Saturday, Oct. 21 on Hulu.