By Natalie Abrams
October 20, 2017 at 10:00 AM EDT
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They may be cursed, but some of the residents of Hyperion Heights are beginning to notice something amiss in their quiet Seattle neighborhood — and they’re not alone.

During last week’s episode, Henry (Andrew J. West) began to suspect that Victoria (Gabrielle Anwar) and Weaver (Robert Carlyle) had more nefarious plans for the neighborhood, hence he aligned with Rogers (Colin O’Donoghue) and Roni (Lana Parrilla) to get to the bottom of it. Still, Henry has his own motivations for jumping into the fray.

“A lot of what we see of Henry in Hyperion Heights is him working toward helping Jacinda [Dania Ramirez] and Lucy [Alison Fernandez] maintain the best quality of life that they can have, and that opens an entire can of worms,” West tells. “It sinks Henry into this strange underbelly of Hyperion Heights where he has to investigate Victoria and he has to start investigating Weaver. He’ll have to call upon the help of Rogers and Roni, and maybe even investigate those two to some extent to see what’s going on. It’s this web that’s weaved in the city where Jacinda and Lucy are at the heart of it and they’re the reason for it, but it just creates all these complications in his life that he’s happy to take on, not at first, but it’s something that he quickly accepts as being very important for reasons that are maybe even beyond his initial understanding.”

The fight against Victoria in Hyperion Heights echoes the one we’ll see in Enchanted Forest flashbacks, as Lady Tremaine has set her sights on destroying Cinderella for as yet unknown reasons. Cinderella will soon stumble upon a princess with similar battles to fight, Tiana (Mekia Cox). However, The Princess and the Frog heroine’s quarrel lies elsewhere, something fans will discover more about in the Tiana-centric episode 5. “There is a whole purpose to this resistance that’s really being led prior to Tiana even recruiting Cinderella,” Ramirez teases of the princess team-up. “Cinderella ends up obviously meeting Tiana and really fighting for the people. And that’s the thing that’s actually the biggest similarity of Jacinda and Cinderella in both worlds, is that she’s really taking this role of a role model and really the people’s person. She’s really the voice of the underdog.”

Tiana is less so, hence why she encourages Cinderella to join forces as she slowly finds her own strength — but she definitely will. “This is the first time that I’ve gotten to play something like this,” Cox says. “All of my roles have been fun — I’ve been a lawyer, I’ve been a doctor — but this is the first time I really get to play, get to wield a sword, and get to be this strong, independent character. It’s really liberating. That’s new for me; I’ve never done that before.” Tiana’s Hyperion Heights counterpart Sabine, however, is less about the revolution and more about, well, dating apps. “She’s into this whole dating app that’s about frogs and princes,” Cox says with a laugh. “You swipe if it’s a frog, or if it’s a prince, so she’s actually going out on a date with someone [this week].”

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