"Being bitch-slapped is something that Lucifer is not used to," Pellegrino says

By Samantha Highfill
October 19, 2017 at 01:01 PM EDT

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So far, all we know about the apocalypse world is that Lucifer and Mary are stuck there, Michael is lurking around somewhere, and there’s potential for a number of characters to return. But seeing as how Lucifer chose not to kill Mary in the Supernatural season 13 premiere, what’s his plan? And how will his time in apocalypse world change him? EW spoke with actor Mark Pellegrino about what’s next for the archangel.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: At this point, is Lucy in survival mode?
MARK PELLEGRINO: Lucifer’s singular purpose in his mind is to get to his son. That is his entire motivation. He’s stuck with Mary, having to deal with her and travel through this bizarre world with her. I love those episodes because it’s very Odd Couple-ish and I love the lightness and the dynamic between the two characters who are so opposite and also need each other. It’s a great dynamic.

Is his desire to get back to Jack about power or is there that parental connection?
I think it’s a combination. I do think there’s something in Lucifer that desires to connect to his son on a fatherly level. I think that’s the nature of orphans. I consider the show to be about orphans and family, and the orphan who was rejected by his father, I think, would long to have that kind of connection. On a level, there is that desire to be a father and to nurture a son. Unfortunately, nurturing a son in Lucifer’s values means bringing up someone who’s bent on remaking things as we know them, some people would say destroying it. I think Lucifer would say, “I just want to remake things because it’s not quite as good as it could be.”

Lucifer is someone who wanted the apocalypse, but now that he’s in apocalypse world and sees the aftermath of it all, does it affect his viewpoint?
I honestly think that does have a character-altering effect on him. It is one of those epiphany moments, especially when he comes into contact with the architect of that world, who’s Michael. Lucifer has a certain change of heart and character that I think pushes him in a different direction than we’ve seen ever.

How does he feel about Michael, who’s potentially more powerful than he is?
Not even potentially. This guy is like off the rails, so it’s pretty scary. It’s pretty humbling. Being bitch-slapped is something that Lucifer is not used to. And that’s what defines Lucifer’s relationship with Michael for the first few episodes you see them together is that dynamic where literally one is pathetic and the other is just like, “Yeah, you don’t really mean much.” But what I love about Lucifer is even when he’s under somebody’s leather boot, he’s still saying, “You’re not going to beat me.” You gotta figure that kind of durability came from an eternity of alienation from God. You gotta be a pretty tough customer to be vilified by the entire universe for stepping out against authority. And despite what Lucifer goes through, he still has that. That’s what I like about season 13 is I feel like you really can’t imagine typical scenarios where Lucifer is out-gunned, but he is from the first moment season 13. He’s out of his league in his way, and that’s great. I like seeing him vulnerable.

Is he at all interested in who else might be in apocalypse world — his other brothers and sisters?
He has contact with other angels, but he’s so much more powerful than an angel that they don’t really figure on his radar. It’s Michael, it’s the king of them all and his vanquisher in our natural world mythology, that’s the scary one to deal with.

How does he view the Winchesters at this point?
I think he may be viewing them as a potential ally in the way that the British and the Americans view the Soviet Union as an ally when there is a common enemy: “I don’t trust you, you don’t trust me, but I think we need each other if we value life.” I think people are going to be intrigued by what happens with the Winchesters, Lucifer, and where Castiel fits into the whole story for season 13.

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