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Anything about the Klaroline reunion on The Originals? — Ines
I hear Caroline and Klaus cross paths in Europe after Rebekah — unable to visit Klaus herself due to their magical predicament — asks for Caroline’s help with an intervention of sorts. As of now, Caroline will appear in two of the first 10 episodes, so while she’s important, she’s also not taking over the entire family story.

What more can be teased about Alice on Once Upon a Time and her connection to Rumple that will be seen in episode 704? — AshMarie
Alice, who has been helping both Weaver in Hyperion Heights and Rumple in the Enchanted Forest, will play a big role in the Rumple-centric hour, which features the return of Emilie de Ravin. “Alice has close relationships with Gold and Hook,” Rose Reynolds notes. “She’s being asked a lot of. Let’s just say she’s tested quite a lot in episode 4 with friendships and good versus evil, which is that whole pendulum swing of it. ‘Is it bad to do this? You told me to do this,’ and all of that stuff. There’s a lot of inner conflict for Alice in episode 4. It’s an insane episode and it’s one of the best-written things I’ve read in a long time, so I’m really excited for everybody to see it.”

Any news on returning characters on this season of Supernatural? — Laura
Well, I’m assuming you heard the Kevin news, but he won’t be the only familiar face. And yet, this next one might not be in the apocalypse world. When talking about season 13’s standalone episodes, co-showrunner Robert Singer reveals that, “You’re going to see the return of Rowena in one of the standalones.” No word yet on what world she’s in or whether it’s even in present day, but just know that you haven’t seen the last of the witch that Lucifer claims he killed.

Is there hope for Amelia and Owen now on Grey’s Anatomy? — Laney
There sure is — even when it comes to the topic of having kids. “I think all those conversations will be fully back on the table because they’re almost starting from zero again,” Kevin McKidd says. “They’re getting to relearn each other again, so I think all those big life questions will absolutely be front and center for the two of them.”

Any chance you can give us an update on whether or not Andy will be returning on Modern Family this season? — Anouk
No plans to have Andy back as of yet, but I can offer other Modern Family scoop if you’re interested. Yes? I’ll assume it’s a yes. You may have spotted James Van Der Beek posting photos from the set. Yes? I’ll assume it’s a yes. Well, I can now reveal who he’s playing: Bo Johnson, Cameron’s high school crush and Pameron’s baby daddy who will appear in an episode called “No Small Feet,” which is slated to air in December.

Now that we know Ennis Esmer will be back on Blindspot, how about some Rich Dotcom scoop? — CC
As I recently revealed, Rich DotCom has been working at the FBI during the 18 month time jump, but you may be shocked to know he also had a side gig with a surprising member of the team — one that may come back to haunt them.

What’s next for Wally this season on The Flash, especially now that Barry is back? — Emerson
That’s the big question! “Wally is going on his own journey, where he’s kind of wondering what exactly his purpose is,” Grant Gustin teases. “He had always wanted to be a little bit more than he was. I don’t think he loved the idea of being Kid Flash, and I think he thought it was his time, and now Barry’s back and he doesn’t really know how he fits.”

Olitz is reunited! What can you tease for their reunion on Scandal? — Bianca
Here’s a bit of bad news: You won’t actually see them reunite during Thursday’s episode, which flashes back to Fitz leaving the White House for his new home in Vermont. Though they haven’t seen each other, Olivia is still very much on his mind. “He gets to this house that he built in Vermont that has everything to do with Olivia, except there’s no Olivia,” Tony Goldwyn says. “So he walks into this huge house he built for her and designed this entire life that he always intended to be where they’d raise a family and he hears the voices of children that never existed and that’s very painful for him and derails him in a way that’s very challenging.” So watching her make out with Price? Probably not fun for him, but you’ll have to wait a bit longer to see that conversation.

Love that Kara, Lena and Sam are friends on Supergirl, but will Lena find herself stuck between the other two once Reign comes out? — Kelsey
That’s a tricky question because that would mean Lena would know that Kara is Supergirl — and that’s not happening anytime soon. “It would stand to reason that she might be stuck in the middle of Reign and Supergirl and Samantha and Supergirl,” Katie McGrath says. “But I don’t know if she’ll ever be stuck in the middle of Kara and Samantha, because she still is never going to know.”

Can you just tell us WTF is going on on The Exorcist? — Carl
No, because what’s the fun in that? Here’s a clue: Whatever’s going on with Andy’s family will be deeply tied to the island they call home. “As the season goes along, nature will start rebelling,” showrunner Jeremy Slater teases. “We have this great location in Vancouver, so we’re taking advantage of that. The demon’s influence is definitely making itself known on the island.” Good thing the priests will get there soon.

This week in TV: Barry and Iris in couples therapy on The Flash was hilarious and heartwarming.

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Additional reporting by Samantha Highfill and Shirley Li.

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